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Eight Beatitudes for the Home

BLESSED is the home where father, mother and children go to Confession regularly, receive Holy Communion frequently, and pray much; for the Lord abides in such a home.

BLESSED is the home in which the Sundays and holy days are properly observed, for the members will one day meet again at the festival of Heaven.

BLESSED is the home which no one leaves to go to sinful amusements, for in it the joy of Christ shall reign.

BLESSED is the home where evil speech does not enter, nor blasphemy, nor bad literature, nor intemperance, for on that home will be heaped the blessings of peace.

BLESSED is the home where father and mother are conscious of the sacred dignity of bringing children into the world and educating them in the service of God, where they faithfully fulfill the obligations they have towards each other and their children, and detest the sins sometimes committed in the married state, for they will merit favor and abundant blessings of God.

BLESSED is the home where the children are baptized promptly after they are born, for they will grow up from the first as children of God: and blessed is the home to which a priest is called in time to attend the sick, for their illness will have its consolation and death will be happy.

BLESSED is the home where Christian doctrine is properly appreciated and learned from the catechism and good books, for in that home the Faith will be kept firm and active.

BLESSED is the home where the parents find their consolation in children that are dutiful and obedient, and where the children find in their parents the example of the fear and love of God, for that home will be the abode of just people, the haven of virtues and the ark of salvation.