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Dear Fatima Center,

I received the Green Scapular as a gift from a dear friend. I am afflicted with non-specific pulmonary fibrosis. I am, and have been for a few years, on continuous oxygen because of difficulty in breathing. Since I received the Scapular and recited the prayer, I have received relief in my breathing and can even go for an hour or so without oxygen.

I have several friends my age who are ailing and I would like to present them with a Scapular. I would like to receive 6 Scapulars along with the pamphlet.

I regret not having heard of the Green Scapular because I lost my wife to breast cancer in 1996 and I am certain the Blessed Mother would have granted her a cure.

I myself have been wearing the Brown Scapular given to me by my brother who is a Carmelite Priest.


Joseph G., NJ

    From the Editor: We sent Joseph the Green Scapulars he requested. If you know of anyone who may benefit from the power of the Green Scapular, please send us their name and we will send the Scapulars out right away.

    Dear Father Gruner,

    Along with the summer issue of The Fatima Crusader, we were most touched to receive the letter from Coralie Graham notifying us of the cruel, heartless, soulless threats made against you.

    We want to tell you, as we tell the Blessed Mother Mary in our prayers, that you personify the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church to us. We thank the Heavenly Father for your Ministry in our time to us and to our people. And we mourn — and renounce — the persecutions that have been made against you by entities that can only come from forces of evil. May our souls’ deepest affection and our prayers bring comfort to you; and may our gratitude for all that you have done be a consolation far greater than the pain that you have endured to preserve the true priesthood of the Holy Roman Catholic Church in our time.

    We believe that the attacks against you are a portent of things to come in the manner described by Saint Paul in the great apostasy. Your courage and faithfulness give us an example without which we would be unprepared for the things yet to come, even as Saint Paul strengthened and prepared the people of his time for the tribulations before them. Keep it ever in mind, though tempests rage — you’ll never walk alone.

    Sincerely in Christian Love,

    The S. Family

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