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How We Publish a Book

    Many great works, written by Catholic authors, have been handed down from generation to generation. At a time when the Church is facing its greatest crisis, these books are a necessary bulwark as we defend our Traditions and our Faith.

Most of these books are out-of-print or have not been translated into other languages, thus making it very difficult to spread their all-important message.

Father Gruner has the difficult task of examining several of these rare manuscripts and he decides which ones we are able to reprint and make available through Our Lady's Book Service.

The Golden Key to Heaven is a translation of the Spiritual Exercises by St. Anthony Mary Claret and it is the most recent of our published works. Following is the procedure we followed to reproduce this book:

   The book was translated into English (from the original Spanish). Then it was read for content and accuracy.

   The Production Department then scheduled the printing of the draft and proofreading. After it was passed by the proofreader, a cover was designed and the text was formatted.

   Press time, proofing and delivery were scheduled to coincide with the printing deadlines.

   The printer prepared the “blues” for final approval.

   as yet another weapon in the ongoing struggle to make Our Lady's message known.The Golden Key to HeavenThen the marketing team began promoting