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Letters From Our Friends

    Father Gruner receives hundreds of letters each day, many with warm words of support and encouragement. They are very important to him and to all of Our Lady's workers. Here are few new letters.

Dear Father Gruner:

I'm sure glad I was born when I was as I know the old way and will always stick to it. I feel awful sorry for the young ones and the children being born today. The Church has changed so much today that it has chased a lot of people away. I know it shouldn't; people should stand firm in what they believe in and not run away. It is a pleasure to have you beside me and I don't feel I'm worthy to have such as wonderful priest. I can count my blessings for you too. I say the Rosary for you every night and a special Novena to the Sacred Heart every morning. I told one lady that I can't be refused on this Novena as the Sacred Heart is the Son of the Virgin Mary. May everything turn out with your help and may Our Lady and Jesus bless you.

Genevieve O. ...Oak Park, MI

Dear Father Gruner:

Just a few words to let you know we pray for you every day, especially the Rosary before our daily Mass at 8 a.m. Please pray for my children and my family.

Marcelle R. ...Cornwall, ON

Dear Father Gruner:

Yes, the world is in a terrible plight; our country, headed by a Godless president, and our Church led by so many “worldly” leaders, has robbed us of many graces through the loss of the many masses. I drive 40 miles to get a Traditional Mass, even though offered by a sedevacanist believer, and I'm 81 years old. I've put my rosaries in the hands of Our Blessed Mother to use as She wants, as my desires are many and She knows which are most necessary. I pray daily many times for you.

Irene W. ... Sun City, AZ

Dear Father Gruner:

I join you in your prayers for establishing what is righteous and truth. I have recently been hospitalized and generally have been keeping poor health. So I thank you for the blessings! My only solace is prayers. My moral support is there for truth and right - always. May God bless your efforts.

J.K. ... Sundar, MS

Dear Father Gruner:

We would all love to see you. You are truly a priest of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother. Keep up your great work, sacrifice for the great Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. God bless you and all your dedicated staff.

Anne W. ... Latham, NY

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