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    Father Gruner receives hundreds of letters each day, many with warm words of support and encouragement. They are very important to him and to all of Our Lady's workers. Here are a few.

Dear Father Gruner,

I wish I could write a long letter to let you know how much we enjoyed your visit to Denver. Your talk about Fatima was really very inspiring and we all love you.

Gloria D. ... Denver, CO

Dear Father Gruner,

I know that Father Gruner is a good Priest and Our Holy Mother knows that. She had predicted that Cardinals will be against Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops, priests against priests . . . Persecution of our Holy Catholic Church is going on full course. Prayer is the most powerful weapon and only prayer can stop all this. Let us get on our knees and pray the 15 decades of the Holy Rosary and you will see the results. Father Gruner will suffer much but at the end he will come out winning.

Gloria L. ... Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Dear Father Gruner,

My greetings and thanks to all the Marian workers. I used to be an ordinary, casual Catholic who attends Mass every Sunday and pray the Rosary daily until I was invited to attend a Cenacle and was then lent old copies (Issues 28 of 1989, 41 of 1992 and 43 of 1993) of The Fatima Crusader. Since then, my faith, love and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary deepened and strengthened. My prayers are now more meaningful, and having realized how important Mary is to our lives, to our salvation and the conversion of Russia. Thank God I have now my own regular issue of The Fatima Crusader.

Congratulations and thanks to Gabriel Gherasim for that very helpful article “On Praying The Rosary Always”. It was really a practical and helpful reflection in praying the Rosary even surrounded by distracting circumstances.

Sad to note that a “religious” man like Bishop Campbell condemned and attacked Father Gruner against his most basic view on the Message of Fatima. Isn't that so scary to think that even religious people are divided?

To Father Gruner we wish to convey to you our thanks for your campaign for a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to tell you that we are on your side and we support you with our prayers.

Erlinda F. ... Brooklyn, NY

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