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Our Guardian Angels Warn
and Admonish Us

Before the city of Jerusalem was captured by the Romans, voices were heard above the Temple saying, “Let us withdraw from hence!” Similarly, our holy Guardian Angel often urges us to leave those places, those companionships, those conversations, books and pastimes where danger threatens our soul and where, because of his angelic purity and delicacy, he cannot bear our company. His voice cries out to us in various ways — through the counsel of a friend, through the reading of a good book, through the voice of conscience, etc. How often, how lovingly, how mildly he instructs, warns, entreats and invites us! He is most anxious to be our advocate at the throne of God, but if we do not heed his voice he will be compelled to be our accuser, for he can only fulfill his sublime task if we cooperate with him with ready willingness. If we harden our heart and refuse to heed his admonitions, he will one day be compelled to reveal our sins before all the world. Disobedience on our part would therefore be not only the basest ingratitude, but, the greatest folly as well, for it is only for our own eternal welfare that our Angel thus warns us.

Our Guardian Angel is likewise our loving admonitor. To reprove is an act very proper to love, for since love cherishes an inmost desire for the good of the beloved and shows itself also in deed, so it seeks to avert evil from the one beloved. The administering of reproofs is a means toward this end, and this the Angel accomplishes by inflicting the sting of remorse of conscience. The moment we have committed sin, our holy Angel withdraws his consolations and pierces our soul with pain. He strives to awaken in our heart vehement qualms of conscience and to move us to true contrition and penance. How great are our obligations toward this true friend who thus warns us of evil, chastises us, and fills us with anxiety when we have done wrong!