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Who or What Are They?

In 1847 Our Lord warned Sister Mary of St. Peter, “Oh, if you only knew their secret and diabolical plots and their anti-Christian principles! They are waiting for a favorable day in order to inflame the whole country. ...

“Most of these wolfish men ... had been born in the Church, whose bitter enemies they now openly declare themselves to be.

“They are the ones who have dragged Me from My tabernacles and desecrated My sanctuaries.”

Pope Pius XI wrote: “It has at its disposal great financial resources, gigantic organizations, international congresses and countless trained workers. ... It is satan’s army on earth.”

Renowned scholars believe it is “the puppet conspiracy and that its masters hide within secret societies in concentric circles operating from the West.”

“They claim that all rights come from the state, that marriage is a purely human contract, can be broken at will, and that the children belong to the state.”

The Answer is ...

Trotsky, in 1917, financed by Wall Street bankers, imported Communism into Russia.

Since that time, Russian leaders have killed more than 80,000,000 of their own people. Russia has spread her errors throughout the world, including abortion, persecution of the Church and the Holy Father, revolution, and war.

Our Lady of Fatima warned us about the errors of Russia and the ongoing threat of wars and persecutions against the Church. She came to show us the only way to stop Russia’s errors from spreading. To stop the whole world from being overcome by Russia’s wars and persecutions against the Church, Russia must be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as Our Lady of Fatima requested. If this is done, then the whole world will have peace.

To prove the truth and the urgency of Her warning, Her message and Her promise of eventual triumph and peace, Our Lady of Fatima promised a miracle three months in advance, and fulfilled Her promise as predicted before 70,000 witnesses on October 13, 1917. We must spread the lifesaving Message of Fatima more and more.