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Save Our Students

Catholic Teachers, Principals,
reach out to the children in your lives

Send for a sample kit to Save Our Students’ Souls

Kit includes: Rosary, Rosary leaflet, How to Make a Rosary leaflet, Our Lady of Fatima prayer card, Green & Brown Scapulars with leaflets, Garment of Grace booklet, What is Fatima leaflet, Miraculous Medal and prayer card.

Schools receive a 40% discount when you purchase 10 or more kits for distribution to students. The first kit is free for the asking. Price per kit is $9.95 U.S. For quantities over 10, the price per kit is $5.97 U.S. after discount.

For information on how to receive a free kit, please call 1-800-263-8160 – or write to us at the address at the end of “ Readers’ Mail” in this Newsletter.