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Apostolate Updates

Brown Scapular Workshop

The process for pricing supplies and finding the workers is now actively being done in India to help set up our Brown Scapular workshop. As soon as we are set up, we hope to produce 10,000 Brown Scapulars. Since the first of the year, over 30,000 Brown Scapulars have been distributed to 24 countries by Our Lady’s Apostolate. Along with those, many 50-piece Green Scapular Making Kits were also distributed.


From January until now, over 1.7 million pieces of Russia Consecration material have been sent out. Included in this number were 5,054 Consecration packages which contain the Questions and Answers on the Consecration of Russia leaflet, petitions, prayer cards, etc. which were mailed to 24 countries. We hope to distribute another 2 million pieces in the near future.