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Dear Father Nicholas,

Taking a few minutes to say thank you for all of the years’ blessings and teachings of Fatima, I’ve come to learn a little already, and believe your honest integrity is well appreciated from others as well as myself. Your life, your hope and assistance makes this world a better place.


Christine S., CA

Dear Father Gruner,

Some time ago, when you were accused by some within the Church as being disobedient to your bishop, we wrote and asked to be removed from your mailing list. Today, being more fully informed, we are writing to apologize for our rash judgment of you and your case, to ask your forgiveness for our readiness to believe evil of you, and to humbly ask to be reinstated on your mailing list. We trust in your goodness of heart, and are confident of your forgiveness.

Enclosed please find a donation for your Apostolate, and also an order for twenty-five copies of the summer 2000 (issue 64) Fatima Crusader magazine.

Again, please accept our apologies, Father. You are in our prayers.

Very sincerely yours,

Larry and Patti

Pilgrimages are the Most Spiritual Journeys.

They inspire faith and hope, encourage prayer and devotion and strengthen love within oneself. Pilgrimages are truly an event of a lifetime — filled with praying the Rosary and enjoying the holiest of places with renewed faith.

For 2001 we have yet to travel to some of the most sacred of places.

In September we will visit the places Our Blessed Mother Herself chose to visit in Fatima and in Spain. In October we will fly to Rome. A visit to the Eternal City will begin this awe-inspiring pilgrimage.

The extended journey includes San Giovanni Rotondo, the home of Blessed Padre Pio. In December we will visit Mexico City, and see the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe — or as She is known, “Our Lady of the Americas”. These journeys will enrich your spiritual life and bring you closer to God.

For more information, call or write to us.

To reach us:

Call or write us at
International Fatima Rosary Crusade Newsletter,
In U.S.A. – PO Box 1470 Buffalo, NY 14240-9935
In CANADA – 452 Kraft Road, Fort Erie, ON L2A 4M7
Or call us toll-free at: 1-800-263-8160
or fax us at: 1-905-871-3646
Visit Our Lady on the World Wide Web at: www.fatima.org
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