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Time is in God’s Hands

A newspaper photo of part of the 70,000 who witnessed
the Miracle of the Sun, October 13, 1917.

The great Miracle of the Sun, October 13, 1917, lasted 12 minutes and was parceled into three segments. The spinning tremble of the sun, the throwing off of all the colors of the rainbow, the zigzag plunge to earth and the return to the sky.

Marshal McLuhan, in his unveiling of the techniques of advertising, was much like a magician giving away his competitors’ secrets. He was not admired by advertising moguls for pointing out that the moving image is meant primarily to capture our attention, the still image sells the message.

The movement of the sun during the October 13, 1917, phenomenon has captured the attention of the world ever since, yet not even our own churchmen have read the true message written in the sky over Portugal that day. The only still image in the whole panorama was the motionless sun, hanging perfectly still for the split second it took to come to a full stop over the heads of the terrified onlookers, before it began its journey back into the sky. The pendulum of the sun had halted. In short, time had stopped. The end of time. The point is so clearly made — Time is in God’s hands. For all of Creation, only He knows when it will end. He gave a sampling of that end at Fatima at noon solar time, approximately 1:30 local time, on October 13, 1917 — three weeks before the blood red Revolution that would tear Russia asunder and scourge the world for over 80 years.

The Message of Fatima is a message from God the Father, from the Creator of Time, that we who have not honored His Son, His Mother, the Holy Spirit of His Unending Love for mankind, have come to the end of our allotted time.

When Lucy of Fatima was asked about the Third Secret, she directed the questioner to Apocalypse, chapters 8-13. Anyone who reads them, no matter how biased, will be hard put to resist trembling, zigzagging to his knees, and remembering all that God has done for him and maybe even saying thanks, knowing that he should be giving thanks.

It is said that all prayers of contrition are heard and answered. Prayers of petition are heard and fulfilled. Prayers of praise last forever. One ‘thank you’ to God for what He has done for man will echo through all of eternity.

The Miracle of the Sun was a reminder of what God has done for the creatures He loves. It was an acknowledgment also of the praise given Him every moment by the existence of His Bride, His Mother, His Daughter, Mary. The glory of Mary was the glory intended for us all before the Fall of Adam. The glory of Mary is a constant reminder of His continued desire to see us glorified with Her.

Lucy reports that when Mary appeared in the sky, alongside the Miracle of the Sun, She was brighter than the sun. Of course. She is ‘full of grace’. Full of God. And God is greater than the sun and has no shadow.