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Apostolate Updates

Broadcast Department:

Over the Christmas season Father Gruner worked with the television department to put together three very special episodes of Fatima: “The Moment Has Come”.

In the first of these programs, Father Gruner explained the traditional significance behind some of the more modern symbols associated with Christmas and read to us the story of Christmas from St. Luke's and St. Matthew's Gospel.

The other two episodes were a two-part program, in which Father Gruner prayed the Rosary and meditated on the Joyful mysteries with us. Look for four more episodes like these, where Father Gruner will pray and meditate on the Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries.

Mass Intentions:

We have more than 9,000 Masses being celebrated throughout the year for the Consecration of Russia to be accomplished. Some of these intentions go to a few individual priests but the majority go to bishops who distribute the Masses to their priests in Third World countries. These Mass intentions are generated from the donations of generous supporters and the accompanying stipend allows the priests and bishops to have the financial means to further evangelize the souls in their care and provide the necessities of life for the priests celebrating the Masses.


As well as Mass intentions for the Consecration of Russia, we also have a wide ministry supplying Rosaries, Scapulars and Miraculous Medals with leaflets to bishops and priests in Third World countries. In the past year, over 5,000 Rosaries and leaflets were sent free of charge and over 5,000 medals with leaflets were also sent. In the words of one bishop who received 500 Rosaries, “I am deeply grateful for this generous donation (of Rosaries and leaflets) ... The Rosary has for generations been the ‘catechism' of our people.”

Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Orphanage:

With your help, we are able to provide 10 scholarships for children in Junior Kindergarten to grade 5 and 20 scholarships for children in grade 6 through grade 10, for children of the village where Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Orphanage stands. Costs for the Junior school are $60.00 U.S. per year per child and $66.00 U.S. per year per child for Senior school. By the end of April of this year, we will increase the number of children at the orphanage from 68 to 75.

International Offices:

The International offices of India and Philippines are preparing to set up their own web sites and maintain the mailing lists for their own countries. This will, in turn, allow them to work more closely with the volunteers in their countries and provide quicker, less expensive filling of orders for the promotion of the full Message of Fatima.

The Philippine office has been working hard to enroll the aid of students and others to distribute the Fatima Message to their own age groups. Monthly Rosary hours are being held at the office in Manila and, in conjunction with local authorities, the youth are being encouraged to get involved in prayer meetings rather than participate in the rioting brought about by the country's current civil unrest.

The Rome office staff have been quite busy these past months. Hundreds of thousands of petitions to the Holy Father for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary have been distributed in Rome to citizens, pilgrims and tourists. This was done not only as part of our regular ongoing apostolate work of collecting signed petitions, but more specifically in preparation for the gathering of the Holy Father and the world's Bishops in St. Peter's Square on October 8.

Just prior to October 8, we delivered to the Vatican petitions with 61,993 signatures from Catholics around the world requesting the Consecration of Russia. The majority of them were delivered directly into the offices of the Secretary of State by our own staff.

The Italian edition of Fatima Priest was printed and 17,671 copies were mailed to Bishops and Priests in Italy and to other parts of the world from our office in Rome.


Our volunteers have been working hard at spreading the Fatima Message, many even paying for the postage to get the materials sent to them. Their prayers are assisting us as well. Some are sending us literature that others have published against us, asking us to correct the errors. Others are sending us their reports, and accounts of incidents that show they are doing Our Lady's work.