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Dear Father Gruner:

I feel the need to write to you to let you know that I am praying for you, especially now with all the vicious attacks against you concerning this matter of your lawsuit and excommunication. I am especially going to offer novenas for you to St. Athanasius, and I hope that this intercessory prayer through him and Our Lady will strengthen you and your cause, so that your battle will be won without any more damage to you, your good name, or the True Catholic Church and its faithful.

I must tell you that I first heard about you quite accidentally a few years ago. I would frequently visit Our Lady's Blue Army Shrine here in Washington. I had subscribed to their Shrine Bulletin, which has been known for its tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary for more than 50 years. In one edition of that newsletter, a reader wrote in to the editor and blasted the paper for accusing a “Canadian priest” of acting outside of direct orders of the Church (and his bishop). The editor's response to this reader was that he prays for this Canadian priest because his actions were in direct contradiction to diocesan instruction, and that the faithful should not concern themselves with this priest because his actions “were not authorized”. The reader advised that she then revoked her subscription. Since I didn't read the previous month's edition, I did not get the full thrust of the discussion. But that prompted me several years ago to seek you out and find out the real story. Consequently, I also cancelled my subscription, and they have been nagging me about reinstatement ever since. It upsets me to no end to think that a Shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary in existence for more than half a century can shove this type of blasphemy at its readers and attendees and all under the guise of “unauthorization”, but they never mention “who” did not authorize it. From the time I was a child I always questioned authority, and this situation was no different.

I later discussed the matter with my father, (a man whom I consider to be probably the only accurate authority on the Catholic religion “whom I know”, and who is not afraid to speak it). We found that each of us was personally investigating your plight for pretty much the same reasons. We both have read everything we can get our hands on about you, and find nothing but truth and corroboration in Catholic dogma on everything you say. You defend the Faith with the utmost vigor and in the direct face of the Anti-Christ, with the majority of your adversaries coming from within our own Church. It is a seemingly impossible mission which you have undertaken, and I only wish I could help you more financially than I have. But I want you to know that you are not alone, and that I and my family pray for you and never let a religious argument go by without touting your efforts and defending our mutual beliefs. Do not give up Father! You have come so far! Do not let these satanic bishops and cardinals intimidate you. You are only one man who has already fought an army of bishops of Freemasonry! That is an enormous feat in and of itself. You cannot give up now. You will prevail, they will be defeated, and you will finally have reached your glory for God Almighty.

God bless you and keep you always. You are always in our prayers and thoughts.



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