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Apostolate Updates

One-to-One meetings with Ecclesiastics

In May, Father Gruner traveled to Rome to meet with as many Cardinals from around the world and Italian bishops individually, on a one-to-one personal basis, as possible: to establish a positive, friendly contact with the Cardinals and bishops; to promote the Consecration of Russia; and to explain to them why the consecration is urgently needed.

The world's Cardinals were assembled in Rome, at the time of Father's visit, to attend an Extraordinary Consistory of Cardinals held at the Vatican on May 21-24.

Despite difficulties in securing appointments with the Cardinals and bishops, Father did get the opportunity to speak about the Message of Fatima and the urgency of doing the Consecration of Russia to several ecclesiastics (Cardinals, Archbishops, bishops, and priests) as well as to several Italian journalists. One ecclesiastic inspired Father Gruner to write a very important article for Issue 67 of The Fatima Crusader by telling Father that he should "write it down", referring to Father's perspective on what we have learned about the content of the Third Secret since 1960 and how the Third Secret relates to the current state of affairs in the Catholic Church.

Only time will tell how successful this trip has been and only God knows which seeds will germinate to eventually obtain for us the Consecration of Russia and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The steps to victory are not always the visible, grandiose ones, but rather those small steps taken "behind the scenes" — patiently and persistently pursued.

Volunteers promoting Fatima information

Our Volunteer Department is busy organizing our Volunteers to promote Fatima-related information on local community bulletin boards, newspapers, television, radio and events in their area.

Fatima: "The Moment Has Come" will be played in a prime spot on three Monday evenings for one hour in the Rockland County area of NYC which also has exposure in two towns in New Jersey. There will also be half-hour spots in October, November and December, all in prime time slots. If you would like more information on the dates and times, please contact us at the address provided at the end of "Readers' Mail" in this Newsletter.

Anniversary of Father Gruner's Ordination

Wednesday, August 22, 2001 marked the beginning of a week of celebration for our very own "Fatima Priest", Father Nicholas Gruner who celebrated his 25th Anniversary of ordination to the Holy Priesthood. We began with a procession at 6:00 p.m. around the grounds of the Fatima Center, joined by 80 or more of Father's friends, supporters, and employees of Our Lady's Apostolate. Some came from as far away as Quebec City, Pennsylvania and Connecticut to join us on this special occasion.

Following the procession was Mass at the Center celebrated by Father Gruner. There were men, women, and children here to celebrate, sing and pray. After Mass, cake, coffee, and juice were served as some watched the "Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima" movie and others chatted with Father Gruner, congratulating him and receiving his blessings.

It was a beautiful night and although the forecast predicted rain and thunderstorms, the sky stayed clear and the rain held out for those who wished to enjoy the outdoors. This will be a wonderful memory for Father Nicholas Gruner and one we will all cherish...