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Dear Father Gruner,

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon Rosary Rally in N.H. ... Your talk was most interesting and informative.

I admire your courage and dedication to continue spreading the Fatima Message. Will our Cardinals ever tell us the truth?

I received the Brown Scapular and have pledged to Our Lady that I would wear it daily.

Please continue to help our Blessed Mother in saving souls.


P. Fauteux, New Hampshire

P.S. You are in my daily prayers

Dear Father Gruner,

I received one of the most powerful fact-filled Crusaders ever, it is very interesting and teaches a lot ...

Father, I thank you so much on how you map out your time to help spread the urgent Fatima Message of Our Lady. I am praying for you and all of Our Lady's workers in these difficult and dangerous times, asking God to help and protect His blessed Mother's Fatima Apostolate against evil. Thank you so much for all your effort to me and others.


Chiti Ukwuije, Imo State, Nigeria

Dear Father Gruner,

Father, all I have to say is that I was very encouraged by your letter. It's nice to know that prayers do get answered. After praying for you, finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep well Father, and God bless you in our Mother Mary's work.

Most Sincerely,

P. Smith, Watervliet, New York

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