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Apostolate Happenings

Holy Pilgrimages

In October we took a group of pilgrims to Portugal, Spain & Lourdes. We attended the candlelight vigil at the shrine of Our Lady in Fatima celebrating the apparition of the Miracle of the Sun. Father Gruner traveled with the group to Fatima and met with a number of other pilgrimage groups from around the world. He has been invited to Ireland by those he met to give a series of talks which we are currently planning for early 2003. Feedback from those that attended was positive and they felt they had participated in a wonderfully spiritual experience.

The pilgrimage team explored the possibility of going to Guadalupe in December, however due to current costs it is not going to be feasible for 2002. We will again look into the possibility of going in 2003.

Our plans for next year are to return to Fatima, in addition to exploring the possibility of a pilgrimage to Ireland as we have received many requests to hold a pilgrimage there.

Protesting Blasphemous Play

In November, we sent out a notice to volunteers and supporters in Boston and the surrounding area, asking them to join us in a novena of Rosaries and a phone call campaign of protest, voicing their objection to the showing of a blasphemous play on Dec. 6th and 7th in the Somerville Theater in Somerville, MA. These assaults on our faith are becoming more numerous with passing time. Please remember to pray for the conversion of sinners, including homosexuals and blasphemers, when praying the Rosary.

The Devil's Final Battle

We recently mailed out several thousand copies of the preview copy of The Devil's Final Battle. Since that time, our staff and volunteers have been extremely busy taking orders for copies of the published first edition of this book, which is now available.