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Our Guardian Angels Inspire
Holy Thoughts

“Your holy Angel is tender, gentle and mild,” says the devout spiritual writer, Hermas. “When he takes possession of your heart, he speaks of justice, modesty and benignity, of true love and piety. When such things make themselves felt in your heart, know that your holy Angel is with you.”

It is peculiar to the good Angels to enlighten and instruct the soul of man, to inspire it with strength and fortitude and also, by spiritual consolations; by gentle persuasions, by calmness and refreshing peace, to lighten the fulfillment of every duty and to remove all hindrances to advancement in virtue. “Return to thy mistress, and humble thyself under her hand” (Gen. 16:9), said an Angel to Agar, the handmaid of Abraham and Sara, thus reminding her of her duty. St. Raphael taught the young Tobias how he should enter the married state in the holy fear of God and how, together with his parents, he should adore and praise God. (Cf. Tob. 11-12) Likewise, it was an Angel who exhorted the Roman centurion Cornelius to seek out St. Peter in order to be instructed by him in the True Faith. (Cf. Acts 10:30)

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