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What If ...?

What if I died today:

  • When was the last time I made a good Confession?
  • Were the last words I spoke to anyone said in anger?
  • Did I speak unfairly of someone, leaving a false impression?
  • Do I sincerely believe I will go to Heaven?
  • Will I be spending some time in Purgatory?
  • Will I choose to give in to Satan's temptations and spend an eternity in hell?

Who will I blame on Judgment Day when I have to answer for the life I have led?

What if I changed today:

  • What would happen if I read the Bible for 15 minutes each night before going to bed?
  • Would I be a different person if I spent 15 minutes each morning meditating on Our Lord and Our Lady?
  • How much would my family benefit if I led them in praying the Rosary every day?
  • Would my family and friends see an improvement in my lifestyle?

Who will I thank on Judgment Day when I answer for the life I have led?

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