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Dear Very Reverend Father Nicholas Gruner,

With great pleasure in my heart, I'm writing you this letter to show appreciation of how you have been in recent times helping in spreading the gospel all over the world. We here in Nigeria see the light of your endeavor in spreading God's message.

I was born Catholic and a devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but as a young boy and as a dependent man I have some hindrances that jeopardize my worship and makes my faith stunted all the time.

Please, I would like you in your kindness to send me some of the books that explain in detail the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Her birth, death and assumption into Heaven and also a Holy Bible, Catholic edition. The reason for making this request is not that you produce books, but I feel this is the right direction I can follow and get what I want.

I want to bring to your notice that here in Nigeria, we do have controversy with other denominations about Virgin Mary's life, Her birth, death and assumption into Heaven, so these books, if sent to me, will help clear their mind on those issues.

I promise to use every opportunity I have to continue to make Mary known to the whole world. I will be glad indeed if my request is granted. May God the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ replenish your effort with fortitude in Jesus' Name. Amen. Thanks. I am yours faithfully,

Simon V. A., Nigeria.


I received the Crusader yesterday ... chock full of thought-provoking information. I'll read and re-read. You are only one of a few looking for answers and obedience on behalf of Mother Mary. All of you must be in Her favor.

Dennis K. via internet.

Dear Father Gruner,

May our Dear Lord bless you and give you many graces; and also everyone else at the Fatima Center. It is wonderful works that you all do, and I'm sure it must send wonderful fragrances into the Heavenly gardens.

I just received your letter today and feel a bit ashamed that I hadn't ordered the new book yet (The Divine Impatience), but yes, please reserve me a copy and thank you for letting me know about it. Fatima is very dear to me. I feel in my heart that the Fatima Message is very important for the whole world to know about, at this time, and it would be so great to once and for all give communism a good swift kick in the behind, to put it mildly.

I will continue to add my prayers with all the other prayers being said for you Father Gruner, and the Fatima Center, in respect of our Holy Mother and Her Fatima Message.

Thank you for your prayers. God Bless us all. Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,

Joan L., Lumby, BC.

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