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Dear Father Gruner:

Please accept my apology for my tardiness in answering your letter and please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the beautiful Miraculous Medal.

Father, I know a lot about Our Lady of Fatima and I am anxious to learn a lot more. I was a pupil of the Sacred Heart Convent School from kindergarten to grade 12. After graduation from university, I taught my first year in that very school.

There is so much I want to tell you Father. For example, in 1952 Our Blessed Lady answered my prayers and granted me a miracle which saved my husband’s life (he was a patient in an infirmary at the time). The miracle was witnessed by several doctors, a bishop, a Monsignor and several others. Since that day, I have worn a gold chain and medal of Our Blessed Lady around my neck to show my devotion and appreciation

Will you please remember me in your prayers? The warmest wish of my heart is that you will always be happy, be loved and be blessed.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Elizabeth W., Nova Scotia.

Dear Father Gruner:

Through your magazine, The Fatima Crusader, I have been able to know about your ordeal.

I am certain that your sufferings are of immense spiritual value for the Fatima apostolate that you guide.

Through you I learned about Fatima in its entirety. I try to live the message and make it known.

My prayers are with you always.

Mrs. Yolanda H., Texas

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