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Christmas Gift Suggestion

At a time when critics rave about just-released books that are meant for a young audience, there is undue pressure placed on our children to be part of the “sophisticated” group of readers who have stood in line to purchase every volume in the series.

This is not the time to corrupt young minds with tales of sorcerers, witches and unrealistic heroes. Saint Padre Pio well understood the value of a good book and was quick to criticize the time wasted with frivolous reading.

Children should read more, but the quality of the material they should choose from must be overseen by concerned family members.

A Gift Certificate and a new catalogue from Our Lady's Book Service would put everyone's mind at ease. The books described therein have been examined by priests of our Apostolate and approved for their Catholic content. The saints and other heroes are the best examples of how our lives should be lived in pursuit of true happiness.

Spread Devotion to Mary, Help of Christians and You Will See what Miracles Are.”

Our children need something positive to believe in. There is nothing more positive than the love of Our Lord and Our Lady. They need you to help them find that love.

Note: To order Gift Certificates, please contact us at the address shown in the “IFRC Mail Box” section of this newsletter.