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Dear Members of the Fatima Center
and Servants of Jesus and Mary,

All of you wonderful people continue to amaze me with your constant love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother by making these fine Rosaries and forwarding them to us. Thank you very much for your recent shipment. Conversions are coming in steadily, thanks to Our Blessed Mother's blessings and your gifts.

We supply many prisons with Rosaries for the inmates. The Catholic chaplains always request black or brown Rosaries. This keeps us in constant need of these colors. All colors are most appreciated. We ship the colored ones to schools, hospitals, convalescent homes and foreign missions.

We have in these past six months experienced a wonderful thing. The requests for scapulars are growing tremendously.

You are all remembered, along with your families, in my daily Masses and prayers. I thank God you are there for us!

God Bless You,

Rev. E., CA

P.S. Your booklets on Scapulars were really great. We are copying them on 8 x 10 paper and will send them with English and Spanish Scapulars. That enclosure really made my day.

Dear Father Gruner,

Just a note to let you know that I felt that this was your best letter to date. The Rosary is the most powerful weapon against the devil, according to Our Blessed Mother. This past letter has a game plan — an army of prayer. Mary says that you can change the laws of nature with the Rosary. This past letter was positive and full of hope. Instead of dwelling on the negative, you mention them, but the tone of the letter was uplifting. Like a coach giving a pep talk to his team at half time to help motivate and inspire great plays. This was the tone of your last letter and I just wanted to commend you on it. Keep up the good work. Keep informing, inspiring and motivating the flock. This will happen, you just have to believe and stay positive. Negativity is the tool of the devil and that's how he begins to beat you down and the next thing you know, he's using depression on you to weaken you even more. Just remember the devil hates the Rosary. Anytime he starts getting the best of me, I hit him with a Rosary — a Catholic's most powerful weapon. And remember, fasting with the praying of the Rosary increases its power. That's it from this command post.

Commandos for Christ,

Bryan P., CA

Fatima Center,

I have been making and spreading devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the Green Scapular for 46 years. A friend gave me one (never heard of it before) at the time my son, 4 years old, had Perthes Disease. It is a crippling hip ailment, must spend months, even years, lying flat and never standing. He was measured for braces and at his x-rays, before the fitting, it was completely gone.

I had made a promise to spread devotion all my life if he was healed. It was a miracle. My son is now 50 years old and not even a limp.

The Green Scapular is not only powerful for conversions, but also healing.

God Bless You!

Agnes W., MN

Dear Father Gruner,

We hope and pray all will turn out well for you. You are a wonderful priest and help so many people. We do enjoy The Fatima Crusader. It is a wonderful publication, very spiritual and most helpful. We do believe in the Blessed Mother's appearance at Fatima. We believe many souls have been led back to God and devotion to His Blessed Mother.

We hope and pray you will be able to continue your vocation, “The Fatima Priest”, your devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and to continue your writings and publications.

May our Dear Lord Bless and keep you always in His love!

Elsie T., CA

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