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Father Gruner Profiled by
TVOntario's STUDIO 2

In November, 1998, David Hawkins, award-winning producer for TV Ontario's prestigious Studio 2, learned about Father Gruner's struggle with Vatican bureaucrats and asked if he could produce a documentary profile on Father and his case. The program was broadcast on Studio 2's regular Wednesday broadcast on January 20, 1999.

“Father Gruner
and his associates
tell their own stories.

The “Profile on Father Gruner” was the first up-close and in-person look to be done on Father by a major news organization in Canada. The result, as intended by Mr. Hawkins (whose profile on Edmund Hu won the 1998 Gemini Award [Canada's Emmy]), was to let Father Gruner and his associates tell their own stories, without on-screen or editorial interference.

The 20-minute profile has already earned high praise from viewers for the quality, candor, and unexpected intimacy of the profile. The program helps to dispel many of the myths that have arisen over the years about the priest who leads what is arguably the world's largest Fatima Apostolate and one of the largest apostolates in the Church. Repeatedly, viewers have expressed appreciation at being able to see and hear a man they have heard so much about.

“The program helps
to dispel many of the
myths that have arisen
over the years.”

The “Profile on Father Gruner” does contain some surprises which are certain to interest all friends of Our Lady and Her Apostolate. Father Gruner's relationship with the Vatican, the status of his work and refreshing disclosures from Father himself about his feelings for Our Lady and the whole Fatima story make this documentary profile a must-see for all Fatima devotees.

Joining Father Gruner to round out the commentary are Christopher A. Ferrara, legal counsel and author; and one of Father Gruner's biographers, author James W. Demers

“refreshing disclosures
from Father himself”

A few copies, in VHS format of this TVO tape, have been given to us. As members of the League of the Immaculate Heart, we want you to obtain a copy to see and to show your friends. Write us soon while supplies last.

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