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On Location for a TV Shoot

      When Father Gruner travels out of town to a Rosary Rally or Conference, he often arranges to take part of the Television/Radio staff to document the event. The following is an account of how a TV shoot is done, written by a member of Our Lady’s Apostolate staff.

We get up early in the morning and generally plan to leave by 5 a.m. We travel many, many hours, sometimes up to 14 hours with only short meal breaks. Many decades of the Rosary are said on these journeys.

Arriving at our destination, we immediately set up the Pilgrim Virgin Statue, placing bouquets at Her feet, unload the van and set up our equipment and the book tables.

When everyone is gathered, Father Gruner begins the Rosary. After Father is introduced, the first talk begins right away, usually with Father Gruner praying the Hail Mary, and we begin taping on video or audio - sometimes both. We have to be constantly on guard, checking the length of time remaining on the tape. If a speaker goes over his time limit, we have to make a real fast change to the tape. To avoid this, we hold up time cards to signal five, three, and one minute before the tape ends.

We have to remain quiet and inconspicuous throughout the day while we are taping and checking the cameras, so as to not disturb the audience or the speakers.

Between speakers we have a quick break and then begin setting up for the next talk. Sometimes we have to rearrange the cameras and the microphone if the next speaker is standing in a different location. We reload the tapes and get ready for the talks to continue. We find the speakers very interesting and enjoy these events.

At the end of the rally or conference, the guests gather and talk amongst themselves along with the speakers and the staff. Slowly, the guests begin to leave and the staff members remain until the last person is gone.

At the scheduled time, Father Gruner and other attending priests say their Masses. If time is available, the Rosary is said before Mass. We have up to three Masses per day, depending on the number of priests at the event, and at times we tape the Mass.

Every Rosary Rally or Conference in each city has different topics and the attendees are mixed with new faces, as well as regular supporters. The people who come to see and hear Father Gruner for the first time are thrilled to see him in person and usually try to meet him afterwards. People who have attended his Rosary Rallies or conferences before, return again and again to show support for him. Father Gruner always makes time after the talks to personally speak to those who have been waiting patiently.

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