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October 13, 1917:
The Day the Sun Danced

The Sixth Apparition

The Fatima Apparition of Our Lady
to the three seers

On October 12, people started pouring into the grotto at la Cova.

Pilgrims were willing to spend the night in order to get the best vantage point, even though the weather was cool.

Our Lady had told the three Fatima seers She would bring the Infant Jesus and St. Joseph with Her, and that She would give Her name.

Friends of the Santos family told Lucy and her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco, that if this great wonder does not occur, crowds will burn you alive. The three children only smiled at the threat and said, “So much the better if we are killed! We can go to Heaven with the Blessed Virgin that much sooner.”

Despite the driving rain during the morning of October 13th, pilgrims arrived praying the Rosary and singing hymns. Over 60,000 were reportedly there.

When the children arrived, a strong guard protected them from the pressing crowd. Jacinta began to cry. When reaching the apparition site, they began their usual prayers of the Rosary.

Suddenly, Lucy saw lightening and cried out, “There She is! There She is!”

The Lady appeared on the little holm oak tree as the crowd saw a white cloud of foam above the childrens’ heads which rose in to the air three times.

“Who art Thou Lady and what dost Thou want of me?” Lucy asked. “I am Our Lady of the Rosary and I want a chapel erected here in my honor,” She answered.

For the sixth time Our Lady recommended praying the Rosary and announced the approaching end of war.

When Lucy presented her numerous requests, the Blessed Virgin answered, “I will answer the prayers of some but not others.” In a sorrowful tone She added, “Men must become better. They must ask pardon for their sins and stop offending Our Lord, already greatly offended.”

These were Her final words to the Fatima Seers, words said so sadly that the children carried them in their hearts forever.

As the Lady was leaving, She extended Her hands in a well-known gesture as if to direct the childrens’ gaze towards the now-appearing sun.

The rain had stopped and clouds covering the sky were scattered. The sun appeared in the heavens, looking like a golden disc. It’s dazzling brightness was not blinding to spectators’ eyes.

Thousands watched as the sun began spinning in the sky, throwing out sheaves of brilliant, multi-colored streaks of light. It was actually dancing and went on for 10 minutes. For miles around the crowd witnessed and marveled as the sun frolicked in the sky.

The daily newspaper, whose editors had initially mocked Our Lady’s appearances, has assigned a reporter to cover the event, filing a truthful report.