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Fatima & The Saints
Featuring St. Antonius

“Whosover asks and expects to find graces without
the intercession of Mary, endeavors to fly without wings.”

— St. Antonius

“To fly without wings,” is the perfect description of Internet usage. Students and researchers attempting to find answers via the Internet send questions and queries into flight at the “speed of light”. Unless there is a server out there prepared to return answers, the flights are in vain.

So, too, with the soul that seeks to find graces without going through Mary. Mary, one might say, is the server who answers all of man’s needs and yearnings for God, for His graces, for His virtues.

How fitting that through Mary graces too can fly at the speed of light, especially in this day and age, an age in which, prophecy has predicted, the will of the anti-Christ, the voice of the anti-Christ will be ‘in the air’.

The television age for decades seemed to be the interpretation of this prediction. Then along came the Internet. Day by day it grows more sophisticated, sleeker and simpler to use. At the touch of a key a world of attitudes, information or disinformation is before our eyes.

While the Internet may, for too many, be the only worldly escape from the monotony of news bites repeated ad infinitum on CNN, Mary is, for all, the only heavenly escape from the monotony and banality of the modern world. This fact is lost on “Bible Christians” who can quote chapter and verse reflexively, but adamantly reject the notion that Mary, the Mother of God, can possibly have anything to do with the distribution of the wisdom of God, His virtues and His graces.

The devaluing of Mary was one of the unhealthy by-products of the neo-Reformation which convulsed the Catholic Church itself during and after the Second Vatican Council. A generation of priests later, many priests do not welcome, let alone nourish, Marian Devotions in their churches.

The collapse of fidelity to the Mother of God that had been one of the hallmarks of Roman Catholicism throughout the centuries has left a void in the Church. Hand in hand with the sidelining of Mary was the sidelining of Fatima, possibly her greatest intervention ever in the affairs of the Church and the world.

When Our Lady at Fatima, predicted persecution of the Church, She may have also been referring to the loss to the Church of the graces it needs, for which Mary had ever been the conduit of God.

In much of the world, the beauty of Mary has been replaced with the ugliness of sex scandals and dissent from Magisterial teaching that would have been unthinkable in the Church of only forty years ago, wherein Mary was the chatelaine of the doors to God’s many mansions and was serenaded daily, celebrated weekly and heralded seasonally as the champion of all members of the now near comatose Church militant.

Without Her, the wings of the Holy Spirit have nowhere to alight, for Her Sacred Spouse is hardly likely to feel welcome where His Bride has been so badly treated.