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The following verses were written and submitted by one of Our Lady's dear ones, R. Norman Crowley.

Our Lady of Fatima

When Our Lady of Fatima
Appeared to the three
Little Portuguese shepherds,
And allowed them to see

Those visions of Her
With St. Joseph and Child
While for the big crowd
The sun did spin wild
As proof to the world
The Vision was there.

She gave us a way
To end all the strife.
And take fear of war
Out of all of our life.

The Rosary the World must pray
The Rosary today and every day
If human freedom is to be
The pattern of life's way
If it will only say
Her Rosary, as She has asked,
And say it every day.

The World, and every race therein
Must do what's to be done.
So Moslem, Christian, Hindu, Jew
She wants the Rosary from You.