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Only Following Orders

When the dust and debris from two atomic bombs had finally settled and peace was restored to Western Europe and America, it was time for history to be written by the victors.

The media frenzy that accompanied the Nuremberg Trials was a very clever distraction. Instead of examining the inexplicable kowtowing to Russia both during and after World War II, German commanders were paraded before a tribunal and explanations for their barbaric treatment of prisoners demanded.

Their response, echoing the military chain of command from time immemorial was “I was only following orders.” It was a statement that denied any culpable guilt.

And the world, in one voice, condemned every innocent death at the hands of the losers (vanquished) whether it be in prison camps or in towns and cities devastated by bombs. Ironically, no one pointed a finger at Stalin, a mass murderer without equal.

Despite Our Lady of Fatima’s warnings, Stalin’s quest for more victims rivaled the Aztecs of Mexico. The major difference between the choice of victims, and their cries to Heaven for vengeance, is that those chosen for death are now defenseless children in their mother’s womb. And what is even more appalling is that the rest of the world has taken up the battle cry “death by abortion.”

The doctors are “only following orders.” Governments have legalized this form of sacrifice to whatever pagan gods the mothers are appeasing.

The Church appears to he fighting a losing battle as even some persons who claim to be Catholic have opted for abortion and contraception, in spite of the Pope’s condemnation of both.

The Catholic Church is being attacked on other fronts as well. Satan has been dropping his “atomic bombs” on targets that were invincible just a few years ago: the smoke of satan has entered the Church; exorcists are being sought by several American archdioceses; there is a severe shortage of priests and seminarians; attendance at Mass continues to drop; many church pews remain empty on Sundays; pedophiles and heretics are subverting the Church from within; innocent priests are being ostracized by their superiors.

Papal Nuncios are “only following orders” as they travel around the world spreading lies and half-truths in an attempt to silence the only message that tells us how to bring about real and lasting peace in the world. Under orders from certain Vatican bureaucrats, the nuncios have targeted one man, Father Nicholas Gruner, the “Fatima Priest”. This holy priest has championed Our Lady’s cause since 1978. The attacks against him have increased in proportion to the success of his campaign.

His allies, loyal friends and supporters, have stood by his side as Our Lady has led him through the mine fields placed by Her enemies.

She has been fighting satan in other battles. She continues to fight. Our Lady prophesied a miracle in Fatima for October 13, 1917, and 70,000 people were on hand to witness that event. Three months earlier, She told three young children a Secret. Part of that Secret has been arbitrarily withheld from the faithful for more than 40 years.

This time no one is following orders. Our Lord and Our Lady have stated Their requests very simply and very plainly. The Holy Father has to command Our Lord’s ministers to obey the order for the Consecration of Russia.

Sister Lucy has told us not to wait for the Holy Father and the bishops to act. We must sacrifice and pray. We must continue to spread Our Lady’s Message throughout the world. We must be soldiers for Our Lady.