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Our Lady ... Our Salvation

We can never hope to understand what evil forces could take control of men’s minds to the point where they would sacrifice 8,000 victims, in one day, to their gods. Mexico had become a nation destined to self-destruct.

Our Lady had other plans for God’s children. Her weapon in this battle against the forces of satan was Cortes, who defeated the Aztecs and put an end to this senseless slaughter.

A short time later, in 1531, Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego and used him to make Her message known. As proof of Her appearance, there was imprinted on his tilma an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and, like the Holy Shroud of Turin, it baffles scientific explanation even today.

Among other things that baffle scientific explanation about the tilma:

  • The fibers should have deteriorated within 20 years, that would have been more than 450 years ago;
  • The stars on Her robe depict the position of the constellation in the heavens at the very moment She appeared;
  • Scientific photographic scrutiny of the iris and pupils reveal a detailed picture of at least 3 people, believed to be those present when Juan Diego unrolled his tilma in front of the bishop;
  • The texture of the tilma reproduces the effect Aztec artists perfected, delicately weaving feathers so that the colors changed as one moved closer;
  • Our Lady’s “living” eyes would follow you as you moved about the room.

One of the Church’s greatest treasures, a miracle in itself, this is one more reminder of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s abundant love and Her Motherly desire to have peace in the world.