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Dear Father Gruner:

I placed your letter on the Church Bulletin Board, some one has taken it already. I hope it means they are going to use it for the right purpose...

Last year my wife had everything on the inside of her removed because she had cancer, and she took Chemo, from January to June, when the cancer disappeared, which was like receiving the Miracle I had asked the Blessed Mother for. It was the second time the Blessed Mother had granted a Miracle to me. The first time was when my wife had an aneurysm break in her head. Three doctors in Chicago wrote her off, and I asked the Blessed Mother for a Miracle and She granted it. My wife was in a coma for three weeks and the day they were going to declare her brain dead, she came out of the coma and was in the hospital for four months before she was able to come home. That was the greatest Miracle of all times for me.

If people don't think Miracles happen, they should listen to our story...

Your Friend,

Morris L., Ohio

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