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News from the Fatima Center
Broadcast Department

Guardian Angels

We are doing a new program dedicated entirely to Guardian Angels. In the past, we received tremendous response from the public even when it is replayed on the same station.

By the way, do you have any special stories to tell us about your own encounter with your Guardian Angel? Please write and tell us all about it and address it to the attention of the Editor of the League of the Immaculate Heart Newsletter. Who knows, the account of your own personal encounter could help save souls!

Meditations on the Rosary
with Father Nicholas Gruner

We have just completed our first 2 programs in the Meditations on the Rosary with Father Nicholas Gruner series where Father prays the Rosary along with explaining the five Joyful mysteries.

The first half of the Joyful mysteries program aired December 31, 2000, and the conclusion aired January 7, 2001, and throughout the programs we offered free Rosaries and Rosary booklets. We received many calls from viewers saying how nice it was to see the Rosary being prayed on TV. Many of our viewers requested the free Rosary while even more asked for information on how to say the Rosary.

With your help, we hope to produce the Sorrowful and then the Glorious mysteries in the very near future.

Television/Radio Program Guests

Mary Sedore

Mrs. Sedore is one of 16 children born to an Irish family and grew up waiting for the Third Secret of Fatima to be released. She recently celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary, and is the mother of two daughters and grandmother of four children.

Mrs. Sedore met Father Gruner in 1983 when her 86-year-old mother, Mary Hubbard, saw Father Gruner’s name in a magazine and invited him to Niagara Falls for a Statue Visit. Mrs. Sedore and her sisters called many of the area churches and set up the visits to display the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima and for Father Gruner to speak.

Mary has worked with Father Gruner for 15 years, directing our Telephone Ministry and leading pilgrimages. Since 1989 she has guided pilgrims through the shrines of Fatima, Spain, France, Italy and Guadalupe, Mexico.

Paul Clarke

Mr. Clarke is 28 years old, has been married for four years and is the father of a beautiful two-year-old daughter. Both he and his wife are planning on a large family.

Many hours of his youth were spent singing in the children’s choir until he moved to the adult choir. He also rang the church bells at all three Masses, funerals, and for weddings.

He has been with Our Lady’s Apostolate for four years and spends a great deal of time scheduling our TV and Radio programs, and acquiring new stations, along with working on our purchases of broadcast equipment.

Be sure to catch Mr. Clarke on our TV programs where he asks Father Gruner questions many of you have written or called in and asked.