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In the News

Ideal Time to Consider Pilgrimage to Europe

The value of the euro dollar has dropped significantly in relation to the U.S. dollar since its introduction early in 1999.

The drop in the Euro dollar is making it easier for us to spread the Message of Our Lady of Fatima worldwide from our office in Rome.

It has also presented us with a golden opportunity to plan more pilgrimages to famous Shrines and Holy Sites in Italy and Portugal, at affordable prices for our pilgrims.

Why not call our office today at 1-800-845-3047 and ask for information about “the Spiritual Adventure of a Lifetime”?

Visit Planned Despite Retirement Rumor

Pope John Paul II is not stepping down as head of the Roman Catholic Church because of poor health. Nor for any other reason.

In fact, the Vatican announced plans for the Pope to visit the Ukraine in June of 2001.

This visit may meet with some official resistance as the largest of the three Orthodox churches is loyal to the Russian patriarch in Moscow, where the Pope has never been invited.