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News from the Fatima Center
Broadcast Department

Over the last decade we’ve been specially graced to have had distinguished guests from around the world on FATIMA: “The Moment Has Come”, speaking on almost every subject under the sun.

All of us who work on Our Lady’s television program are very grateful to you, the members of the League of the Immaculate Heart, and all our viewers, for your words of encouragement, your continuing prayers, and especially your financial support which makes this program possible.

By popular request, we have assembled our second “Best of Fatima” selections from your favorite programs. We were able to gauge the popularity of these shows by the thousands of responses we received from them here at the Fatima Center. We hope to have this selection available to you, and other valued viewers, within the next few months. Don’t miss our next Newsletter where we will update you.

This edition of “Best of Fatima” will lift your heart and nourish you spiritually. You will see highlights from programs on subjects such as devotion to Our Blessed Mother, the Holy Rosary, the Brown Scapular, the Saints and the Miraculous Medal.

The guests you will meet on these selections are Father Marcel Nault, Father Paul Wickens, John Vennari, Leslie Marshall and Jim Graham.

The first segment joins our good friend Father Marcel Nault (may he rest in peace) as he teaches a group of children the blessings received through praying the Rosary and wearing the Brown Scapular. The Blessed Virgin Mary tells us that “one day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, I will save the world.”

St. Augustine tells us that there are certain graces, certain favors that God wants to give to us even though we don’t deserve them. But God loves us so much that He wants to give us these special graces and, in His goodness, has found a way to give them to us without us becoming proud — that is, through the intercession and the merits of the saints.

God Himself sent His Mother to Fatima to remind us of the importance of praying to His most Blessed Mother, the Queen of all the saints. Father Paul Wickens teaches us more about these Saints of ours in Heaven.

The next segment on this video is a most inspiring account of hope and conversion brought about through the grace of a Catholic medal, believed to be the Miraculous Medal. John Vennari recounts the true story, a story for our time, of Claude Newman, a man wrongfully accused of murder and his courageous and spiritual path through death row execution ... and after.

Leslie Marshall, an endearing young soul, came to honor the Pilgrim Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary at a Statue visit in the midwest. Little did she know that Our Lady awaited her with a very pleasant surprise. Don’t miss Leslie’s very inspiring account of what took place.

Finally, the last segment joins Jim Graham as he presents some of the questions from viewers on the Rosary, the Brown Scapular and at the heart of this apostolate — true Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We thank all members of the League of the Immaculate Heart and our viewers for pointing out to us the programs they love best on FATIMA: “The Moment Has Come”.

As you know, our apostolate exists for one reason: to promote the full Message of Our Lady of Fatima and, in doing so, nourishing devotion to Jesus and Mary while standing strong for our Holy Catholic Faith.

We do this through every means of communication that God and your help has made available to us: through The Fatima Crusader, publishing books, the press, radio, television, the Internet, Fatima Peace Conferences, and through the millions of leaflets and other materials we publish in various languages around the world.

It is only through the prayers and sacrifices of people like you that Our Lady’s Message continues to reach more and more people throughout the world. We are grateful for the prayers, offerings and sacrifices you have given to help us, and we pray that we may continue to work together in order to make known to the world Our Lady of Fatima’s urgent Message of warning and hope.

Remember, Our Lady of Fatima told us, “pray the Rosary every day”. God bless you.