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Dear Father Gruner:

I have noted many times your invitation to write to you and today after reading again another Fatima Crusader, I decided I must write.

Thank you again and again for The Fatima Crusader magazine. It has brought me closer to Jesus and Mary than any other publication I might have read.

It is sad to say that I went through Catholic grade school and high school and never was the Miracle of Fatima mentioned. It was never mentioned in the churches I attended and I have attended Mass regularly for over 70 years.

My parents came from Europe and could not read the papers, if it was mentioned in the press in those days.

I was introduced to a book publisher where I was able to choose Catholic books when I began to learn about the Miracle of Fatima and a friend introduced me to the Fatima Center. So again, many thanks for all of your work...

Whenever I can, I will always send what I can to help you, knowing it is a pittance but it comes from my heart.

You are in my daily prayers as is the Fatima Center.

Most sincerely,

Maryan, NV

Dear Father,

I received a letter from you in which I was required to confirm the correctness of my address in order for you to continue to mail me The Fatima Crusader ...

My address has not changed. I filled the form you enclosed and gave it to a post office worker with the postal charges but I don't know if he posted the letter considering the high level of corruption in our society. To be sure of the situation, I have decided to write this letter so as to be able to receive a copy of this very important Fatima Crusader.

I cannot yet support The Fatima Crusader financially (due to my adverse financial position) but have recited 15 Rosaries for your apostolate in addition to other prayers including the St. Michael's Chaplet. In fact, since 1992 I have always remembered your apostolate in my Rosaries.

Father, only God can tell the spiritual and even material benefits I have received from your apostolate. I wonder what would have become of my soul without your work.

I have also been passing on the information about Fatima to others as my little contribution to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I remain your son in Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Godwin, Nigeria

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