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Make No Mistake … We Are At War

“And there was a great battle in Heaven ... the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath ... and the dragon was angry against the Woman, and went to make war against the rest of Her seed.” The Apocalypse

The devil has at his disposal the enticements of the world: wealth, power, fame; he can appeal to our senses; his rewards are instantaneous. All he wants in return is for you to spend eternity with him in hell.

Jesus forfeited His life so that we could free ourselves from satan’s grip. And now Our Lord and His Mother are asking us to join Their army. Some of the weapons have been at our disposal for quite some time: the Bible, the Rosary, the Brown Scapular, the Five First Saturday Devotion. Other weapons are more recent and less well-known.

If the enemy’s attempts to destroy the effectiveness of new weaponry is an indication of its value then The Fatima Crusader must be quite a threat.

What began as an eight-page black and white publication in 1978 has grown to a 64-page color magazine distributed worldwide every three months. Its contents are read by more than 1,000,000 souls each time it comes off the press.

Father Gruner has dedicated his magazine to promoting the Fatima Message. A message that is the only solution to the wars that have been ongoing since the devil’s fall from grace.

The devil has used various methods in his attempt to silence Our Lady’s magazine, including Church officials, but he has been unsuccessful. His traps have been well-set but Our Lady’s hand has guided Father Gruner to safety.

The lies and threats have done some damage to the Apostolate and if it weren’t for his loyal friends and supporters Father Gruner may well have been tempted to seek peace, even though the terms would have forced him into an unwanted exile.

The presses keep rolling, the Crusader keeps getting mailed, the message reaches new readers; Our Lady keeps getting closer to the final victory. Peace is one step closer.