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Apostolate Updates
Library of Fatima Literature

The Overseas Volunteer Department is looking forward to starting libraries of video and audio cassettes in every English-speaking country around the world. While few people in Africa or India have televisions and VCR’s, we are hoping that those who have will be encouraged to arrange Block Rosary groups in their area. After the Rosary, a Fatima: “The Moment Has Come” program can be shown to the group. Likewise, Heaven’s Peace Plan programs will be sent to those who have audio cassette players. These tapes will then be added to the library of Fatima literature for parishes and seminaries.

In areas where only a few speak English, the volunteer leader would translate. We have many priests requesting this form of information, they will have access to the schools, and so the programs can be aired to the children.

Distribution of Fatima Materials

We have recently heard from a priest in Africa who wrote us asking for more Fatima materials to distribute to his parishioners, after hearing Heaven’s Peace Plan on his radio.

Our Lady’s Website

Our website is the largest Catholic website in North America. It includes the history of Our Lady’s Fatima Apparitions, prayers, biographies of the Fatima seers and some of the most important books you will read concerning your Catholic Faith. Our newest feature is a regular column, Fatima Perspectives, written by Christopher A. Ferrara in which he focuses on current events in the world that provide additional proof that the Consecration of Russia has not been done according to Our Lady’s request.

In our effort to spread Our Lady’s Fatima Message worldwide, we have information available in Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Swahili.

The newest addition to our site is Fatima Priest the biography of Father Gruner written by Francis Alban and Christopher A. Ferrara.

Catholic Books Online

Your non-profit source for Catholic books & gifts.

An easy way to shop for those books that should be at the top of your reading list. Your source for sound Catholic doctrine, the real story that some do not want revealed, history as it should have been taught in school, and much more, each book has been approved by a priest of the Apostolate.

We feature a Book of the Month and an Editor’s Choice. Either selection would be perfect for gift-giving.