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Hello Tania, Fatima Center,

My name is Kathleen and I met a beautiful man just a short time ago and discovered early on that he was so very special. Michael has prostate cancer and it has now spread to his pancreas, kidneys and his stomach. We were thinking of making a visit to Fatima when I decided to do some research and came across this web-site. The Lady’s Blessed Statue and the “Fatima Priest” are planning on making a visit to New Hampshire and this is where we live. Please, could we schedule a visit to see the Fatima Statue of Blessed Mary and the “Fatima Priest”?

We have enormous faith in miracles and we are forever at the mercy of our merciful Jesus.

God Bless,

Kathleen, via the internet

To Father Gruner,

Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.

I am watching Father Gruner on Sunday morning on CHRO. I love Father Gruner. He is so understanding and loving.

The testimonies are also very helpful. I said the Rosary and Novenas. I watched and marked the 54 days on the calendar.

The lady who was talking to Father Gruner was right. I prayed from January 27 to April 4. I got my miracle. Glory to God. I love Him so much. I was putting the Holy Water on the part where I was sick and Jesus healed me. I was on antibiotics, nothing worked, and they made me so weak. I still felt sick but after Father Gruner prayed for me, and the Holy Water, I am healed. This condition could not possibly be cleared on its own. I love this ministry, and I am so glad to write to you. I will pray each day for Father Gruner. He is a wonderful priest, and he is in my prayers. I pray and leave this in the Lord’s hand. He loves us so much, He knows our hearts. Love,

Suzanne M., Ottawa, ON

Dear Father Gruner and dear associates
of the Volunteers of Our Lady,

Here is a book order and a little more. Thank you, thank you for all you send. The Crusaders and now the Miraculous Medals that shall go to the young Navy men and Marines (women too). Thank you also for the beautiful explanations of the medal to which I shall attach them... and the booklet Heaven Opened by Three Hail Mary’s. It may seem small and simple, but these precious items certainly will bring grace and enlightenment to these searching young people.

Thank you, and please pray for our demoralized and desolate, especially our military. Gratefully and in the love of the Holy Family.

Anne-Marie R., Suffolk, VA

Dear Father,

Thank you for your religious enlightenment of us over the past 10+ years - through your magazine and TV program.

Terry S., Charleston, WV


I wanted to congratulate you on an excellent job defending the Faith. Too often the tough questions get sidestepped, equivocated, or capitulated. You didn’t back down on any of them, my thanks. I think part of Father Malachi’s popularity on the program was his willingness to do the same. You’re in good company. Great job,

Thomas G. from the internet

Dear Father Gruner and Staff,

Thank you for your lovely card, letter and gift of the Green Scapular. I have had great devotion to Our Lady of Fatima since 1952 and the Green Scapular since 1959. I have seen the miracle of healing our son John from Asian Flu in 1960 and a holy death for brother-in-law in 1962. I so agree with all that you do.

Thank you for all your Crusader magazines, holy cards, teaching of different Popes and prayers. You do make a good teacher in all respects, letting us know what really is going on in our Faith and country.

May God Bless you and your helpers.

James H., Rochester, MN

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