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News from the Fatima Center

There is barely time to catch our breath after a late-night Crusader deadline before the next project demands our attention. Either the press department is waiting for an information package so they can advertise Father Gruner’s next Rosary Rally, or page proofs have to be okayed for a Newsletter.

Because of all the activity going on regarding the unjust persecution of Father Gruner, the Publishing Department at the Fatima Center can barely keep up with the workload.

It is vitally important that we speak out in defense of the good priests, and there are many. That means more letters, and more deadlines.

There are several projects sitting on our shelves, some of the bigger ones have been collecting dust for a while because of a lack of funds. A good example is producing the talks at our “Rome Conference 2001” in book form. Because of the terrorist attacks of September 11, many people were unable to hear first-hand the only way to a lasting peace. This is a book the world needs to read. The sooner the better.