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Father Nicholas Gruner,

I hope this letter finds you, and those close aiding you, well and greatly succeeding in the St. Padre Pio project.

I would also like to take a moment to tell you of a miraculous occurrence that my sister and grandmother had concerning St. Padre Pio’s gloves. When my oldest sister was 17 (in 1980 I believe), she and my grandmother went to one of our local Catholic churches, one day or evening in honoring St. Padre Pio. There, the church had St. Padre Pio’s gloves. My sister and grandmother at one point went up to kiss his gloves. My sister immediately smelled flowers. Unsure if that was really so, she re-smelled them four times, each time smelling flowers. My grandmother also kissed his gloves and she smelled flowers as well.

My sister remembers that when they were having a talk on St. Padre Pio that some people have been known to smell flowers when coming in contact with his gloves.

I believe she was a bit stunned that she too and my grandmother, has experienced that as well.

Also, at the time of this experience, she remembers no one else there experienced the smell of flowers, only she and my grandmother did, she believes.

Since you have a special devotion to St. Padre Pio, Father, I thought you would appreciate hearing of this miracle. Very beautiful, isn’t it? What a beautiful saint. “St. Padre Pio pray for us.”

God Bless you Father Gruner, in Our Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Leanne S., Hampton, VA

Father Gruner and All Our Lady’s Workers,

Thank you! You do good work. We are with you and praying hard for the Consecration of Russia, both my sister and me.

Listen to this and see if maybe Our Lady is using a lot of us worthless people for just this purpose.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer (terminal) and was sent home to die as it was too far advanced for treatment. Fine, God’s will is my will. But I told Our Lady I’d be willing to suffer as long as Jesus needed because I offered every moment for lost souls and for the completion of the Consecration. I’m still alive, still have cancer, still getting no treatment and the doctors are stunned. It’s been no lark, believe me, but I never thought a soul this side of Heaven could be so happy.

Just writing this to encourage you to keep working hard! Our Lady obviously has a plan.

God bless you.

Virginia and Marnell B., MT

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