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Media Updates

In the past few years, some visitors to our web site ( may have become disappointed about the lack of new material being posted to our site. As a first step to correct this, we began in February 2001 a new daily column by Christopher Ferrara, entitled “Fatima Perspectives”. To date, about 360 columns have been published, already over 50,000 people each month visit this site. Now, for the past several months, much more has been done to improve

Heaven’s Peace Plan Audio Library was re-organized and approximately 460 programs added, with all programs being grouped into 18 different categories of topics and further grouped by program guests. The Fatima Perspectives archives were re-organized and the daily columns grouped into 14 different categories of topics and further grouped by year. The Fatima Crusader Online Library was restructured with new index and archive pages to improve the access time to this essential material. A new section “Fatima Introductory Booklets” was added to the home page and the Fatima Crusader Online Library, so that visitors may easily find our 7 introductory booklets on Fatima all in one place; and Fatima News & Views now has a more appealing and efficient look, and is easier to use. It includes yearly archive pages.

Several additional English language materials have also been added to the web site, including: Issues 71, 72 and 73 of The Fatima Crusader; our special Introductory Fatima Crusader; A Law for One Man (chronicling the persecution of Father Gruner); an Examination of Conscience booklet for adults; a basic pamphlet entitled How to Pray the Rosary; and leaflets on the Ten Commandments, the Three Hail Marys, and the Green Scapular. We hope that you find all these materials beneficial and instructive.

In addition to continuing this effort of periodically providing new material for our web site visitors, we have recently embarked on a new project to address another recognized problem — the difficulty of navigating around this web site and being able to find what you’re looking for, or just trying to see all that we have to offer. The redesigned Fatima Network promises to be much more appealing (i.e. artistic design), better organized (for finding your way around), and will have much, much more content to offer. This endeavor will be both time-consuming and costly (although we are working to keep the costs down as much as we can without sacrificing the quality of the final product). Therefore, to ensure its successful completion, we ask our supporters for their help — in whatever way they are able to — by providing moral and financial support for this project. Above all, everyone’s prayers are of utmost value.

We hope that if you haven’t visited in a while, that you come back and check out our new material as well as some of the old material that you couldn’t find previously. If you already do visit our site periodically, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, and we invite you to keep coming back and look for much more to come.