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Innocent Babies at the Mercy of Lawmakers

The bishops of Peru are expressing strong opposition to the Peruvian Congress’ efforts to permit abortion by law. The text states: “The death penalty is prohibited. Abortion is prohibited but for the exception permitted by the law.” Once again man is usurping the rights of God.

This, the most gruesome of Russia’s errors, has been legalized by many of the world’s countries and once again, ironically, innocent babies are targeted for death while murderers are spared.

“The subject of abortion is not exclusively religious, social or political: It is a human problem,” the bishops stated. “The value of life transcends the confessional view, because it is a question of humanity. Man himself is at stake.”

They also expressed concern over the fact that mothers will be exposed to the consequences of participating in the murder of their own children.

They finalized their statement with: “We, the bishops of Peru, make an energetic appeal to the state to respect signed international agreements. This is why we remind all that the American Convention on Human Rights, or Pact of San Jose de Costa Rica, ratified by Peru, states that: “Every person has the right to have his life respected. This right shall be protected by law and, in general, from the moment of conception. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.”