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Dear Father Gruner:

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Please let me start this message with words of encouragement and my sincere desire to join the Committee for the Defense of the Priesthood. I would like to help in its mission. I am behind all your efforts and your struggle for justice.

Brother Cletus O. … Nigeria

Dear Father Gruner:

I really enjoy reading your letters. By Her actions, Mary shows which Christian Church is truly Her Son's Church here on earth and where we, Her children, can strengthen our faith by striving to become perfect Christians within it. With this letter, I am glad to be able to send you a donation to help you at this time.

Father Bernard W. … Florida

Dear Father Gruner:

Thank you very much for sending me The Fatima Crusader magazine. I pray for you in your arduous Apostolate. Please pray for me.

Father Christopher N. … South Africa

Dear Father Gruner:

It is only through prayer and pain that we will achieve the desired end, that our hopes can be realized. May you continue faithfully in your effort to further the noble cause you are immersed in. Your continued efforts supported by numerous prayers, pain and sacrifices will achieve Our Lady's cause and requests. It will triumph for She said so.

Sister Patricia J. … Ontario

Dear Father Gruner:

Just a few words to encourage you in your battle against the forces of evil. We all know that one day, perhaps not in our lifetime, God will reverse all this and the Church will be triumphant. That is, when all the sufferings of these times will show their worth. Keep up the good work Father. May God bless and keep you now and always.

Father Hector B. … New Hampshire

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