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Padre Pio Speaks

From the book, Padre Pio's Jack of All Trades,
by Padre Pellegrino Funicelli

On forgiving insults to him:

“What do I have to forgive you for, my son? I am a man like others, or rather, worse than others. I try not to be willful and if I succeed, it's thanks to the Lord who enjoys Himself by helping the wicked. It is not for nothing that He, too, was a Child.”

Father Gruner points out a fresco of St. Michael the Archangel during The Fatima Center's spring Pilgimage to Padre Pio's Beatification.

On the possibility that he was wasting time:

   “How I would love to know what God thinks of the way I spend my time! I thought I was gaining time but instead the years fly by me. I hope God will forgive me when He sees the effort I make.”

On severity in the Holy Church:

“If I had not had Holy Church behind me with her love and especially with her severity, perhaps I might have been drowned in a sea of doubt and uncertainty, or perhaps I might have become indifferent to the question of the soul's salvation. For me the severity of the Church has been a refuge.”

A huge picture of the Padre hangs at the shrine at San Giovanni
Rotondo during the early May ceremonies in Italy

On Faith being found everywhere:

“For those who don't possess, but desire it, our beautiful Faith can be found everywhere. It can be found even in the limpid eyes of an innocent child; even in those three wild flowers which were born on the trunk of that almond tree. We don't need extraordinary things. As long as we don't close our eyes to the chalice brimming with graces which God always places at a hand's breadth from our nose. As long as we don't turn away, out of contempt and carelessness as if it were some base instinct, from our most noble aspiration: that of uncovering in ourselves the imprint of God. We need only move towards the point from which the light rises, even if we do have to climb, carrying the not indifferent weight of our bodies.”

In the middle of a long discussion on abortion:

“Life is not made up of a name, a date of birth and a date of death, as results on memorial tablets in cemeteries. But it is made up of a struggle for healthy and holy principles: Principles of truth and goodness, which appear to have and perhaps have disappeared from the face of the earth, but which, at the right moment, will return in all their splendor for men who are still living and even for those who have passed on ... The race that does not accept respect for man from the time of his conception is destined to an ignominious end, because it distorts the concept of love of neighbor, mistakes it with egoism and cannot conceive the love of God at all.”

If you would like to read more about Blessed Padre Pio, Our Lady's Book Service is happy to recommend the books quoted above as well as the following: Stories of Padre Pio by Madame Katharina Tangari; O Angel of God My Guardian Dear ... by Padre Pio; Roads to Padre Pio by Clarice Bruno; Padre Pio, A Living Crucifix by Father Alessio Parente.