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Dear Father Gruner:

Many and sincere thanks for all the booklets and other literature you have sent me on Our Lady of Fatima and Her message. I have read and then distributed all those booklets and I am sure they will do a lot of good. I am convinced that the message of Our Lady can bring salvation to innumerable souls. As for the praying of the Rosary and the other practices, I have been doing that for many years. I have rarely missed praying the daily Rosary since I was an altar boy and then a student in a Jesuit school. Praying for the success of your admirable ministry,

Father P.B. ... India

Dear Father Gruner:

I have been on and taken pilgrimages to Fatima and am fully in favor of promoting devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. When I get the chance, I bring in the First Saturday devotions, Holy Hours, etc. I promise you my prayers, and I would like to be considered a supporter. I shall do my best, and with Our Lady's help, we shall succeed.

Father V.R. … England

Dear Father Gruner:

Just a note to reassure you of my continued prayers of support. I have joined the St. John Vianney prayer for priests, also the Volunteer Crusaders for the Immaculate Heart. In addition I mail out your literature to a number of friends as I receive it. At least, prayers come your way from all of this. You are a beautiful example of the faithful priest.

Sr. Bernadine … Missouri

Dear Father Gruner:

I'm very glad to receive your letters and congratulations to you for doing such marvelous work to promote Mother Mary's devotion. Today, people can go to Jesus only through Mother Mary. I have a special devotion to Mother Mary from when I was in school and used to pray for the conversion of Russia. I would be glad to work with you to promote the Marian devotion and devotion of Mary to mankind.

Fr. A.X. ... Singapore

NOTE: Answers to the June 1999 Newsletter Crossword Puzzle are:

1) Tolentino
2) Forgione
3) Beatification
4) Mass
5) Bilocation

1) Loreto
2) Eucharistic
3) Giovanni
4) May
5) Fifty

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