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Ecclesiastical Outreach News


Our Distribution Ministry is sending Rosaries, Scapulars and leaflets to priests and bishops in missionary countries. Very many Rosaries and Rosary leaflets, and Brown Scapulars and Brown Scapular leaflets, and over 500,000 Miraculous Medals and Miraculous Medal leaflets have been distributed in North America and worldwide.

In the past year, with everyone’s help, including our overseas volunteers, we have been able to distribute almost 2,000,000 Picture Petitions for the Consecration of Russia.

Informational Programs:

Damaged or soiled books that are unsellable are put to good use. They are being sent to people in Third World countries to start libraries.

Our Spiritual Ministry is constantly sending letters to those in distress, along with literature, medals and Scapulars.

A donation of 100 catechisms was received and sent to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Orphanage in India for the children and adults who have catechism classes at the local parish church.

Mass Intentions:

A number of priests doing further studies abroad are receiving Mass intentions to help support them through their studies. On a monthly basis, approximately 750 Masses are celebrated for the Consecration of Russia and for the special intentions of Our Lady’s Apostolate.

Speaking Engagements:

The year 2001 will host conferences, Rosary rallies, pilgrimages and statue visits focusing on spreading the Message of Fatima and, in turn, advancing the cause for the Consecration of Russia. Education on Fatima and prayer is central to all our events. Our goal is that everyone should learn the importance of praying the Rosary while keeping all Our Lady’s concerns in mind, especially the Consecration of Russia.

We are hopeful that everyone will gather lovingly in good faith and pray together at all our spiritual events.

The itinerary for Rosary rallies will include the praying of the Rosary, singing Fatima and Marian hymns, a special talk by Father Gruner, enrolment in the Brown Scapular, and talks given by various guest speakers.