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Real Catholics Fight Back

Once again the Neo-Catholics and Real Catholics are at odds. This time the battle lines can be drawn in each and every parish church.

It doesn’t seem to matter to the post-Conciliar Neo-Catholics that there is a shortage of priests and seminarians; or attendance at Sunday Mass continues to decline; or that pedophiles and heretics are allowed to undermine the very foundation of local Church life.

What is only important to Neo-Catholics is that we follow the official Church directive and renovate all our churches “in the spirit of Vatican II.”

Some Catholic parishioners are taking a stand against this directive. They want churches designed in a traditional manner and are pleased to see historic churches being restored. Our edifices have drawn millions of faithful, and others, from every corner of the world to view and be inspired by magnificent Church architecture and art; thus, it became an easily identifiable target for the Church’s new-age opponents.

Today, more than ever before in Church history, we must be prepared to do battle with the enemy. The enemy must not be ourselves. There is a higher obedience than to directives that destroy the Church. We must uphold all traditional Catholic values. We must obey God rather than men. For more information about Neo-Catholics, visit our website: OR for a copy of Chris Ferrara’s article on Neo-Catholics, please request “The Neo-Catholic ‘Message’ of Fatima”.