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Dear Father Nicholas Gruner,

I received the lovely book on The Golden Key to Heaven. I am very grateful for all that you and your workers are doing. I believe that Our Lady wishes to have us all pray for vocations in all Holy Orders.

In the Holy Land there are Franciscans and Carmelites, Jesuits and other Orders all giving glory to God in Heaven and on earth.

May Our Lord bless and give them hope and inspiration this year and all the years ahead!

Again, thanks for the Masses, prayers and blessings! I keep all of you in my prayers at Mass and Rosaries always.


Veronica W., CA

Dear Father Nicholas Gruner,

This is to inform you that your canonical appeal to Pope John Paul II was offered up and read aloud by Father R. at the First Saturday Service at our parish on December 2, 2000.

Sincerely, your friend who also needs your prayers.

Andrew L., IL

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