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Dear Father Gruner,

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the salvation of souls. Our Catholic churches should be full of dedicated priests like you. We need true devotion to Our Blessed Mother to restore the Church to its Holy state.

You dedicated your life to spread the full Message of Fatima. I have learned much from you. Your Fatima Crusader issues are informative and spiritually enlightening — they are wonderful, you tell the whole truth.

I believe with all my heart you are a messenger of God. I always keep you in my prayers and support you financially. I will always stand by you in your cause to spread the full Message of Fatima.

You are a rare priest. Priests like you are hard to find. I thank God and His Blessed Mother for you and all you’ve done to spread Her Message of Fatima. I also thank all of your staff for all they have done. May God bless us with more Holy priests like you. Thank you and God bless you and your staff members.


Nancy F., PA

Dear Father Kramer,

Since I am a Jesuit, I have little or nothing to contribute financially; but I have been offering Masses for the Consecration of Russia on October 8th and for Father Gruner. Thank you for your update about him since I am very interested in his obtaining justice ...

I will remember you in my Masses and ask you to do the same for me.

Sincerely yours in the Sacred Heart,

Father R., Ohio

Dear Mairead,

I have just got out your letter ... and thank you for the prompt attention to my request for copies of the new Fatima Crusader. I will be sending over some money as soon as I can. I have nearly finished reading this new edition and what an eye-opener it is. Daily we pray for the Pope and we will reinforce those prayers with a request that God will give him the grace and the courage to vindicate Father Gruner and to dispense with the services of those who are clearly not Catholic in their thinking, their behavior and their actions as they blatantly endeavor to block Our Lady’s Messages at Fatima ...

A simple thing to do? This evening, I had a call from a lady up in Co. Monaghan to tell me that on New Year’s Eve, we should all sprinkle our front doors with Holy Water — where this originated from, she did not know but having heard it, she passed it on to me ... and I am sharing it with you. Wherever it came from, I think it is a beautiful thing to do.

When I acknowledged the receipt of the books Make it Known, I forgot to thank you for the tiny bottles of Fatima Water. Thank you!

Reading of what is being done to Father Gruner, I thought of the words in the Gospel about how they sought ways to be rid of Our Lord. What a magnificent thought it is that no matter what anybody does to this valiant priest working so lovingly in the service of Our Blessed Mother, She knows all their schemes ... and hurtful and difficult though it is for Father to have to go through so much persecution, She is with him every step of the way ... the way of his Calvary, just as She was with Her Divine Son on His way to Calvary. We mortals have no idea of what goes on in the minds of God’s enemies here on earth — but God knows and Our Lady knows and if all those responsible for what is being done to Fr. Gruner stopped to think of the seriousness of their actions and the risk they are taking with their own eternal salvation, they might well "quake in their boots", as the saying goes. In the end, they will be the ones to suffer as they face Divine Justice.

Goodnight now — love to you all.

Your friend in Ireland,


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