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Prayer of St. Bonaventure

My Lord and my God,
I believe that Thou art present,
though hidden under the sacramental veil;
I renounce my own judgment
and the testimony of my own senses;
Thou art my God and my Savior!
Alas, what have I done?
I have sinned against Thee,
my Lord and my God.
I am unworthy to approach Thee.
O divine Lamb,
that takest away the sins of the world,
I conjure Thee by Thy Sacred Wounds,
the only refuge of the sinner,
to grant me mercy.
My Lord and my God,
grant that I may repeat these sweet words
during my life and at the hour of my death,
and in the unfading glory of eternity.
My Lord and my God,
dart forth from Thy Sacred Wounds
a ray of light and love,
to penetrate and pierce my heart
even to its inmost recesses.
Enlighten my mind,
inflame my will,
that all the powers and affections
of my soul
may be consecrated
with an eternal devotion to Thee,
my Lord and my God.