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Ecclesiastical Outreach News

International Office and Volunteer News

Both our Philippines and India offices have for some time now been filling the volunteer orders and mailing them out to volunteers in their own countries. This requires that we keep those offices supplied with magazines, prayer cards and other literature which means that our shipping department has a mammoth job at least twice each year. The costs of shipping in bulk is less than mailing individual orders.

The benefits of this work are very far-reaching. By providing the goods to offices in their own countries, the volunteers can get materials for distribution much quicker and at a lesser cost. Priests and bishops who request materials for distribution on special occasions, such as First Communions and Confirmations can be supplied in time. In the past this was a great heartache as the international mail caused a delay in our receipt of the news and the cost of airmail of sacramentals and literature was so high we could not supply the amounts asked for and get them there for those special days.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

In response to the recent declarations made in the Catholic Press in various parts of the world regarding Father Nicholas Gruner, we mailed a copy of Don’t Shoot the Messenger, an interview that Father Gruner had with the editor of The Fatima Crusader, to all English-speaking priests in North America.

In this interview, Father Gruner summarizes his case thus: “I am a priest of the Diocese of Hyderabad since 1996 and I am subject to that bishop ONLY! That settles the question. But my incardination is ignored by my accusers. However, if I were not incardinated in Hyderabad but incardinated in Avellino, the facts and the law are absolutely clear that it is legally impossible under the present circumstances for me to move to Italy. No one disputes this — not Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, not Archbishop Ternyak, not the Apostolic Signatura, not Cardinal Sodano, not Bishop Forte, not even the Pope. No one disputes these facts.

“As I have stated earlier, the law of the Church provides, as does the law of God, that no one is held to do the impossible. Therefore, since it is impossible to obey, I cannot be suspended for not obeying.”

After reading the documentation, we believe it will be agreed that Father Gruner is not suspended. (See Don't Shoot the Messenger for this interview.)

Rally Against Terrorism

We sponsored Father Linus Dragu Popian of Italy to come and speak at our Rally Against Terrorism in New York in November of 2001. His extraordinary story is a hymn of victory over both difficulties and enemies. And it’s a tribute to Our Lady of Fatima.

For a free copy of his story, please contact us at the address on "Letters from Friends Around the World" in this newsletter.